You Belong to Me

Sex, Race and Murder in the South

The Ruby McCollum Story

Whitfield Jenkins

“My father used to tell us about the danger of white people. And he repeated that often, talking about lynching and told us about what he actually saw. That he saw bodies after lynching hanging in trees and that those bodies would remain there until they rotted, or the vultures came.”

“And he also told us about, that during that time, there was a, a mill, an industry mill that actually accepted those, the bones, they would pay people who would pick up the bones, and they would grind the bones up, and that people used to go to those trees, those sites, those hanging sites.”

“It goes back to the point that I was mentioning before where from the time of the movement of the slave ship, that the white man was in control of the power situation. And, over a period of time, there's plenty of history where he has over a period of time, focused his attention on a black woman. “

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