You Belong to Me

Sex, Race and Murder in the South

The Ruby McCollum Story

John Yulee

"Growing up in Live Oak, segregation was the way of life. Tobacco fields, watermelon fields, puck wood. That was the way of life. I didn't want to make a career in these fields. After high school, I volunteered for the military. Vietnam was going strong."

“Black people didn’t have any rights. Things happen to you, that wouldn’t happen to you if you had rights. A lot of black young ladies got taken advantage of.”

“Black people used to say a white man touched that lady. You’re working in their homes, tobacco fields, they’re your boss.  You can’t file a complaint.  The boss was right and you were wrong.  If a baby comes out light-skinned, you had to live with it."

"The term Cracker or Straw bosses. It was slang that black people used when they disliked a white person. Niggah was a word that if a white man didnt' like you, he'd call you that."

"It's changing. Whites and blacks are beginning to get along a whole lot better. Children have a different attitude towards black and white. They don't use cracker or niggah."

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