You Belong to Me

Sex, Race and Murder in the South

The Ruby McCollum Story

Eric Musgrove

“According to records, Ruby had a history of mental illness. She’s been put in mental hospitals on more than one occasion. There’s a history of mental issues, and dealing with Doctor Adams and the daughter they’ve had together, has aggravated her mental stability.”  

"The trial of Ruby McCollum was a big deal for probably for 20 or 30 years, if not more. A lot of people were here. Radio, television, lot of people throughout the United States knew, the racial undertones of black vs. white. Plus the fact that Doc Adams was a prominent white doctor who had been elected to state legislature. Ruby, who was a prominent black woman, had murdered him. Plus, this happened in little old Live Oak.”  

“Judge Adams seemed to have this idea of himself as justice at time when things were not as they should have been”.  

"Miss Florrie was a nice and gentle woman.  Everyone who has known her has said that about her. When Doc was killed by Ruby McCollum, instead of calling for heads to roll, she asked for calm from white and black community and that a fair trial be had. She wanted it done properly, without vengeance taken out on the African American community. I think it’s a testament to her, even today, at 104, many people refuse to slander or talk about the case because of their respect for Miss Florrie, now Miss Florrie Jernigan.” 

“Sam McCollum did have a number of legitimate business dealings. He had an insurance company based out of Tampa, ran juke joints and legitimate businesses."

"Doc Adams didn’t charge people, said whenever you can pay that’s fine.  He was a Charming man, even if you didn’t like him, he was amicable to your face."

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